A World of Coffee..
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Flavored Coffees
Amaretto - A smooth almond flavor with a light nutty and apricot background. A real soothing coffee!!
$11.50 per 14 oz.  Buy it Now!

Angel's Kiss- Romance in a cup? Angel's Kiss is a blend of chocolate (of course) coconut, and cinnamon
.$11.50 per 14 oz.Buy it Now!

Blueberry - Tastes like eating a Blueberry Pie!
$11.50 per 14 oz. Buy it Now!

Chocolate Raspberry
- Ready for dessert in a cup? The sweet ripe wild raspberries are surrounded by creamy chocolate. Yum!
$11.50 per 14 oz.  Buy it Now!

Coconut DreamCoconut Dream combines creamy coconut with a touch of graham cracker.  Paradise in a Cup!!
$11.50 per 14 oz.  Buy it Now!

English Toffee - Our English Toffee has a warm crème caramel flavor with rummy notes. This Old Thyme favorite will keep you warm all over. The Peruvian bean complements the sweet and subtle flavor.
$11.50 per 14 oz.  Buy it Now!

Egg Nog - A classic holiday coffee.  Sweet creaminess with cinnamon undertones.  Induldge yourself!!
$11.50 per 14 oz.Buy it Now!

French Vanilla - French Vanilla is sweetly floral with the delicate flavor of fine vanilla. Rich, warm, and soothing. French Vanilla is great for breakfast or anytime!
$11.50 per 14 oz.  Buy it Now!
Heart's Desire- Everything your heart desires!! Coconut and chocolate with a slight touch of cinnamon
$11.50 per 14 oz..Buy it Now!

Irish Creme- Our Irish Crème flavored coffee is inspired by the blend of Irish whiskey, coffee, cream and sugar.  Hints of vanilla and caramel add to the pleasure.  Brew yourself a pot of gold! $11.50 per 14 oz..Buy it Now!

Javakkah- One of our Hunukkah coffees. Javakkah is a "Festival of Light" Roast.  It will have you dancing the morning Hora in no time!! Don't be a Mashugana, drink Javakkah! $11.50 per 12oz. .Buy it Now!

Jamaican Me Crazy - Hey Mon!!  Everything be Ire with this coffee!!  Caramel, Vanilla, and creamy rum will make you feel like running your toes through the warm ocean sand.  Everything gonna be all right!!! 
$11.50 per 14 oz.  Buy it Now!

Jingle Bells Java - A blend of caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, pecan, and rum.  This incredible flavor will surely jingle your cup!!$11.50 per 12 oz.Buy it Now!

MaccaBean- One of our Chanukah coffees. MaccaBean's flavor of warm Chocolate and sweet Coconut will bring a Gelty pleasure to your mornings! Judah would have loved this coffee to start his day!! $11.50 per 12oz. .Buy it Now!

Maple Bacon-
Smokey bacon and maple--Yum!
$11.50 per 14 oz.Buy it Now!

Nutty Hazelnut - Nutty Hazelnut’s elegance is creamy and warm. The aroma will lure you and the flavor will capture you until you finish the cup (or the pot). Just make sure you have more in the cupboard!!
$11.50 per 14 oz.  Buy it Now!

Pumpkin Spice (is nice) – The traditional pumpkin spice with a touch of Southern hospitality. 
$11.50 per 14 oz.  Buy it Now!

Smoke n Hot - 
All Natural Smoke, Cayenne, and Cinnamon. The coffee goes down smooth, but watch out for the KICK!!
$11.50 per 12 oz Buy it Now!

Truly Scrumptious - Truly Scrumptious has a warm cinnamon, toasted graham cracker flavor with a creamy and nutty finish. The Peruvian bean complements the sweet and subtle flavor. It’s Truly Scrumptious!
$11.50 per 14 oz.  Buy it Now!
Roasted Chestnut – Riding in a Handsome Carriage in New York City on a cold evening with a blanket covering you with the aroma of chestnuts roasting. Sip & enjoy.
$11.50 per 14 oz.  Buy it Now!

Simply Sinful - Simply Sinful is a blend of Chocolate, rich caramel, maple walnut, and vanilla.  A flavor true to it's name!
$11.50 per 14 oz.  Buy it Now!

Swiss Chocolate Almond - Velvety Swiss chocolate blended with toasted almonds.  Time to kick back and put your feet up!!
$11.50 per 14 oz. Buy it Now!

White Christmas- Just cozy up on your couch and dream away! Cinnamon, hazelnut and our secret ingredient will fill your heart.$11.50 per 12 oz.Buy it Now!

Who Wants Cake- YOU KNOW YOU DO!!! Delicate and sweet.  Save room for seconds!!$11.50 per 14 oz .Buy it Now!
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